A gorgeous, antique black typewriter with a blank sheet of paper lying next to it, on a wooden desk.
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Can I call myself a writer? Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Grammarly tells me I am doing well within my nuances of language; but is that enough to say “Yes I am a writer”. …

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It was my 25th Birthday — middle of winter, July, brass monkey weather in fact! Darkening skies early. Freezing cold….

It was Friday and I had been at work all day when my friend Jennifer picked me up and we decided to go late-night shopping in town.

I had my…

Image by Andy Li on Unsplash — “Green to Grey”

I hear you crying

Your once proud mantle turned to

powdered dust.

Green to grey.


I hear you crying

as your roots dry out

bulbs, corms, and rhizomes shrivel,

maxed out before their time.


I hear you crying

while the murmuring wind

crescendos to a wild screech;


Unsplash — The New York Public Library

I wrote this after the French nation carried out their nuclear tests on Mururoa Atoll in 1996 with a possible prediction of a dramatic, climactic outcome.


stood the earth


her pivot palls

her life seeps

as her heart breaks


Anchored by a slender sliver of light


Unsplash — Alex Belogub

I was in the laundromat

when the earth died;

and the lights went out.

Unsplash — Small Boy Playing — Museums Victoria

In my travels as a single mother and previously going through that supremely horrible process known as divorce I was smoking like a train. I had never smoked before but for some reason, it seemed to relieve my stress and get me through the extreme highs and lows of the…

Unsplash — Australian Possum — Photo by David Clode

Over the last few years, we seem to have had an influx of possums invading our bedroom ceiling. …

Thank you for including my story into your publication - appreciated.

Image by Zachary Nelson on Unsplash

Stages of Learning To Dance

It seems that in Year 8 at school when a young male attends a social and he wishes to dance with a lady he asks her, and then he proceeds to receive his lessons on the dance floor. …

a. a. gallagher

Thank you for reading & following. I love a jolly good story: I write short stories, enviro. poetry, and kids’ rhymes. Prev. Education includes a. Dip. S.R.M.

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