Image by Andy Li on Unsplash — “Green to Grey”

I hear you crying

Your once proud mantle turned to

powdered dust.

Green to grey.


I hear you crying

as your roots dry out

bulbs, corms, and rhizomes shrivel,

maxed out before their time.


I hear you crying

while the murmuring wind

crescendos to a wild screech;


Unsplash — The New York Public Library

I wrote this after the French nation carried out their nuclear tests on Mururoa Atoll in 1996 with a possible prediction of a dramatic, climactic outcome.


stood the earth


her pivot palls

her life seeps

as her heart breaks


Anchored by a slender sliver of light


Unsplash — Small Boy Playing — Museums Victoria

In my travels as a single mother and previously going through that supremely horrible process known as divorce I was smoking like a train. I had never smoked before but for some reason, it seemed to relieve my stress and get me through the extreme highs and lows of the…

a. a. gallagher

Thank you for reading & following. I love a jolly good story: I write short stories, enviro. poetry, and kids’ rhymes. Prev. Education includes a. Dip. S.R.M.

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