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  • Mickey Mellen

    Mickey Mellen

    I’m a cofounder of @GreenMellen, and I’m into WordPress, blogging and seo. Love my two girls, gadgets, Google Earth, and I try to run when I can.

  • Henya Drescher

    Henya Drescher

    Psychological thrillers writer, wife, mother, weightlifter, gardener. Stolen Truth on Amazon. https://henyadrescher.com

  • Story Taller

    Story Taller

    Surrendering is easy… I am doing it one thousand times per day 🙃

  • Charles Ross

    Charles Ross

    Charles Ross is a social media manager who loves to share tips and trends on social media. He’s an enthusiast of all things related to social media.

  • Duvy McGirr

    Duvy McGirr

    I studied photography at the Academy of Art University. I am a Medium member and a top writer on the topic of photography.

  • Roger Ball

    Roger Ball

    📘NEW BOOK! rogerball-books.com 📘 See Lists | Christianity | Apologetics | Psychology | Culture | Support me by becoming a member: bit.ly/30H

  • Gizem Fox

    Gizem Fox

    Naturalist, Minimalist, Lawyer | illustrator

  • Brendan Christopher

    Brendan Christopher

    Overall, I aim to highlight how animal welfare issues are linked to humanity. But also to increase recognition for our fellow creatures.

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