Kidz Wordz: Llamas in Pyjamas

a. a. gallagher
2 min readJul 17, 2019
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Llamas in pyjamas

Are spitting at the stars.

They’re just so cross

They can’t reach Mars.


Those llamas in pyjamas

They spit, they spray

Out-spit each other

Every single day.


Whilst Mars is too far out

For a spit and a spout,

There is no doubt

They cannot reach.


There are stars much closer.


Spitting is not polite

Old men seem to spit

With a hoik,

a bit of a grunt;


Really it’s not very nice!


Little boys will spit

When in a fight

Right at their feisty mates

And that just isn’t right.


But llamas in pyjamas spit

Because that is what they do.

It’s in their natures and



a. a. gallagher

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